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Hello, All previous HaydzCraft / MineFrenzy Players! 
I've been speaking with a few old Original HaydzCraft & MineFrenzy Players and they all agreed even though the Server had a Toxic Community and was filled with Hackers they miss playing on the Server. 

So as everyone knows IceNinja created Radiant-MC which in simple terms is a Replica of the last version of HaydzCraft, Unfortunately, No one plays Radiant Anymore. And I personally felt that it didn't have the Original Factions feel like HaydzCraft & MineFrenzy once had.  

So this is where I tell everyone the good news! HaydzCraft is returning!! Myself & Some others have spent countless hours putting work into the new server. We have brought back the Original Aspect of Factions!

So how is this going to work? Well, it's simple if you ever Donated on or all Ranks will be transferring over. To get your rank please Contact Overlooking either on Twitter or on the Forums!

If you have any questions please email


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